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The next millennium

The topic of the survey is the next millennium survey. A group of 23 people did the survey and in general they were positive about the future. These are the results.
The first question was if they think the world will be a better place in the future. Some people thinkthat the world will be a better place in the future because humans will live on other planets and we will find new ways to make it better. some people think that there will be a citizen war.  The second question was if humans will become more intelligent. More than half think that humans will become more intelligent because thwy will have more information, better technology... Some people don't think that because they will use more social media. 
Most of people think people will be meaner because of social medias and wars, but positive think they will be more friendly because we will become more inteligent. Most of people who did the survey think there will be a technology so good and we will travel to space a lot. L…

The next millennium

The topic of the report is "THE NEXT MILLENNIUM". A group of 23 people did the survey and they are positive about the future. Some of them think the world will be a better place in the future because we will become more intelligent or we won't have as many problems.
Most of the participants think that people in the future will be meaner because of social media, wars or they simply won't care for anyone except themselves.
The next question was about space travel and most of the participants said that it would be normal because we will have better tech and because most if not all of people will have enough of money or some other resources.
More than a half of people think that people will live on other planets because technology will be so smart or the Earth is already overpopulated and we already found planets to live there.
More than half of people think they will travel into space if they have the opportunity becase this is special, because they always wanted to go …

Greetings from Munich!

Hi Ted!

Greetings from Munich!

It's great. We went on Monday morning and arrived in 5 hours. It was a long ride, but I listened to music, just to kill time. When we arrived, we went to the hotel. The second morning we went to a gallery and a museum. It was very educational and interesting. The paintings were awesome. In the evening we went to the old part of Munich. We saw a big wall with graffiti. There was an old cafe with the piano and a boy was playing it. It was beautiful. The next day we went to the stores with clothes, shoes and books. I got a sweater and a pair of jeans. I got a book too. The name of the book is Looking for Alaska. Thursday was the best, because me and my mum went to a concert. My dad didn't go, because he doesn't like concerts. There was a big crowd and a lot of people, because the concert was in an arena. We were singing along with the singer and he had a loop station, with which he made five or six choures singing togheter. He played the guitar…

Random December Story

Once upon a time there was a little elf. His name was Jackie. He was a Christmas elf. His favourite fruit was a banana. He lives with Santa Claus on North Pole. He loves presents. He delivers them to kids all around the world. His favourite color is red because Santa loves red too. Then Jackie one day finally remembered that it was Christmas. He was so happy because that was his favourite day of the year. And finally he was going with Santa to deliver the presents. They had a fantastic time. Then when they came back, Santa gave him an awesome gift that he loved. He was so happy that he followed his dream of becoming a waiter in America.

Vita Belec, 6.A

My holidays

My last holidays were 3 weeks ago. The weather was cloudy and cold but even though the weather wasn't that good, my holidays were awesome. I spent my holidays with my friend Maja. We had a lot of fun, we spent most of the time outside. After my friend went home, my cousing and I made funny faces on pumpkins. We won a prize for one of them. The only think that was bad was that the holidays were too short.
Katja Čarni, 8.B

My last holidays were 3 weeks ago. The weather was cloudy. I was on the halloween with my friends. I was exciting. The other day friends the were with me because I was home alone for two days. I was with my friend at the hockey match. We played hockey with our trainers. They won because they're very good. The holidays were very short, so I didn't have much time to be with friends.

Laura Maučec, 8.B

Elektronska glasba

Tokrat se je zgodilo nekaj drugačnega... tokrat so me učenci izbirnega predmeta Multimedija presenetili na glasbenem področju, saj se je uvodno igranje z glasbenimi sempli razvilo v celourno produciranje elektronske glasbe z računalnikom in spletnim orodjem za produciranje glasbe, Soundation.

Torej, učenci so imeli na voljo prosto dostopno knjižnico semplov (tj. kratkih zvočnih posnetkov) iz katerih so potem sestavljali pesem. Nekateri učenci so v 60 minutah "težkega" dela izdelali tako zelo dobre "komade", da jih je enostavno treba objaviti. Pa prijetno poslušanje!

Simon Hauko,
učitelj računalništva

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