nedelja, 22. februar 2015

Greetings from Munich!

Hi Ted!

Greetings from Munich!

It's great. We went on Monday morning and arrived in 5 hours. It was a long ride, but I listened to music, just to kill time. When we arrived, we went to the hotel. The second morning we went to a gallery and a museum. It was very educational and interesting. The paintings were awesome. In the evening we went to the old part of Munich. We saw a big wall with graffiti. There was an old cafe with the piano and a boy was playing it. It was beautiful. The next day we went to the stores with clothes, shoes and books. I got a sweater and a pair of jeans. I got a book too. The name of the book is Looking for Alaska. Thursday was the best, because me and my mum went to a concert. My dad didn't go, because he doesn't like concerts. There was a big crowd and a lot of people, because the concert was in an arena. We were singing along with the singer and he had a loop station, with which he made five or six choures singing togheter. He played the guitar too. He was totally awesome. The concert was really, really long, it lasted for almost three hours. I was very tired after it, but my mum didn't give up on her idea, so we had a drink at some bar. It was really nice- it had neon lights and black walls. After thet we went back to the hotel. On Friday we wrote some postcards and ate in a fancy restaurant. I ate tortelini with four sorts of cheese. It was yummy! On Saturday and Sunday we went to the swimming pool. They had a lot of pools and different fun stuff. I was very tired when we got home so I slept over the whole evening. But then I just woke up and couldn't sleep anymore. I looked out of the window. The nightlife in Munich is very cheerful. There was a lot of people in the streets. They were realy drunk- they could barely stand. When the people on the street became boring, I read a book I boughtin the bookshop. It was really sad. On Monday we could go wherever we wanted. I went to the CD shop and searched for some albums I liked. I found The Doors album and an Ed Sheeran EP Want some. I bought them. After that I went to H&M and bought myself a pair of jeans. Then I went to see a Greek church which was beautiful. i went to some pizzeria and ate a delicious pizza. Then I went to the library even though I don't speak german and found found the english part of it. I found some interesting books about vampires, but I didn't realy want to read, so I just wrote down the title. I went to the underground station and rode to the side of Munich where there were shops. I went to Target and saw that my parents were there, so I ran to them and we bought some things there and then went to Starbucks.i choose a milk shake and then we went back to our hotel. We were there for another three days. In these three days we went to a piano concert and to some galleries.

Hope you're OK.

See you! Pia Zala Meden

ponedeljek, 01. december 2014

Random December Story

Once upon a time there was a little elf. His name was Jackie. He was a Christmas elf. His favourite fruit was a banana. He lives with Santa Claus on North Pole. He loves presents. He delivers them to kids all around the world. His favourite color is red because Santa loves red too. Then Jackie one day finally remembered that it was Christmas. He was so happy because that was his favourite day of the year. And finally he was going with Santa to deliver the presents. They had a fantastic time. Then when they came back, Santa gave him an awesome gift that he loved. He was so happy that he followed his dream of becoming a waiter in America.

Vita Belec, 6.A

torek, 18. november 2014

My holidays

My last holidays were 3 weeks ago. The weather was cloudy and cold but even though the weather wasn't that good, my holidays were awesome. I spent my holidays with my friend Maja. We had a lot of fun, we spent most of the time outside. After my friend went home, my cousing and I made funny faces on pumpkins. We won a prize for one of them. The only think that was bad was that the holidays were too short.
 Katja Čarni, 8.B

My last holidays were 3 weeks ago. The weather was cloudy. I was on the halloween with my friends. I was exciting. The other day friends the were with me because I was home alone for two days. I was with my friend at the hockey match. We played hockey with our trainers. They won because they're very good. The holidays were very short, so I didn't have much time to be with friends.

Laura Maučec, 8.B

sreda, 05. februar 2014

Elektronska glasba

Tokrat se je zgodilo nekaj drugačnega... tokrat so me učenci izbirnega predmeta Multimedija presenetili na glasbenem področju, saj se je uvodno igranje z glasbenimi sempli razvilo v celourno produciranje elektronske glasbe z računalnikom in spletnim orodjem za produciranje glasbe, Soundation.

Torej, učenci so imeli na voljo prosto dostopno knjižnico semplov (tj. kratkih zvočnih posnetkov) iz katerih so potem sestavljali pesem. Nekateri učenci so v 60 minutah "težkega" dela izdelali tako zelo dobre "komade", da jih je enostavno treba objaviti. Pa prijetno poslušanje!

Simon Hauko,
učitelj računalništva

Marko Irgolič:
Maja Klepec
Nik Krauthaker
Erik Novak

torek, 04. februar 2014

The missing jewels (A Whodunit)


This is a short whodunit (a detective story). Read the story and take a look at the drawing carefully to recognize the thief.

ponedeljek, 13. maj 2013

Weather and life in Slovenia

Weather in Slovenia is pretty cold in winter. Mostly of time its snowing and windy. The temperature goes up to 5°C. In summer its stormy and rainy. Its very hot, temerature doesn't fall below 20°C. The weather in England is almost the same as in Slovenia, but I think that it isn't raining so much there.

In summer, people mostly wear shorts and T-shirt, in fact, light clothing. In winter we wear warm clothes and boots. Don't forget about the gloves.

There are a lot of houses there. All of them has bedroom and bathroom. A lot of them has living room. They also have kitchen but not all of them has dining room. Some poeple eat in kitchen. If we compareour houses to England houses about the look like, English houses are usually small, tall and close to each other. We have some space between the houses. But in England there are also some loner houses. Those are big and look like a villa. Now the important part is the food. In England, their breakfast is big, but it isn't the main meal. Their main meal is the dinner. In Slovenia, our main meal is lunch, but it should be breakfast because it gives you energy for the day. Their lunch is usually only fast food. But in Slovenia, we have uncountable choices of what to eat. Yummy! For breakfast we just have something fast and small. Well some people doesn't have breakfast at all.
Maja Klepec, 7.B
My favorite season is summer. In summer, weather is very hot and sunny. The warmest months are July and August. Temperature is about 25-30 degrees celsius. We wear light clothes, like T-shorts, shorts and if we're going to the beach of course we wear swimsuit. It is hotter than in England.
My second favorite season is autumn. In autumn, weather is normally quite warm and sometimes windy. I like when it is sunny and quite windy. Then, leaves fall down and it's magical. Season is similar to our autumn. In autumn we wear thin jackets, trousers, T-shirts, in the end of season maybe even shirts.
I don't like winter. In winter is so cold and snowy outside. Temperatures are about -7 degrees celsius. It's colder than in England. We wear jackets, trousers, shirts, boots, maybe scarves and gloves.
Spring is a nice season in Slovenia. It's warm and quite sunny. It rains sometimes. We wear T-shirts, trousers. Our spring is similar to England's.
The houses in England are narrower than the houses in Slovenia. We have lots of blocks of flats too. And we have wider streets than people in England have.
In Slovenia we have lighter breakfast than people in England. Normally we have cereal, fruits or toast with spread. Our lunch is bigger than lunch in England, I think, that we have one of the biggest lunches in the world because people usually eat big brekfast and big dinner. But in Slovenia we have small breakfast, small dinner, but big lunch. For lunch we normally eat potatoes, rice with meat, meatballs... As I have said we have small dinner. We eat fruits, sometimes cereal, bread or something small.
I want to visit England, but I love my country and I want life in it forever, as they said : ''Home sweet home''!
Tjaša Malok, 7.C

Weather in summer is great. It's hotter than in England. In Englad it is rainier than in Slovenia and I think that is boring. In Summer, the temperatures in Slovenia are somewhere around +32 and +34. In England, there is more rain in summer. It is not so nice. Winter is very cold. There is a lot of snow and rain. But I don't like winter because it's cold. The temperatures are around -0 and -4. In summer, we wear very light clothes. I like them. We war shorts, T-shirts, and stuff like that. But in winter, there is a total different story. We have to wear warm clothes, like jumpers, hats and glowes.
The houses in Slovenia are more colorful than in England. In England the houses are mostly brown. They are not as wide as in Slovenia. England and Slovenia has also different food and meals. English breakfast is big, Slovenian is light. In Slovenia we eat bread with something on it, cereal and other light stuff. I like it. In England there is light lunch and big dinner. In Slovenia there is big lunch and light dinner.
Enja Zobarič, 7.A

torek, 09. april 2013

Our environment

We hear a lot today about our polluted environment. We also have a lot of problems, like global warming, hurricanes, pollution, deforestation,… Over the last few years thousands of articles were written about it… Our EARTH is full of pollution and whose fault is that? OURS! We're destroying the only planet where we can live on. Ice caps are melting, animals and plants are becoming extinct, sea level is rising… The biggest reason for all of these listed problems is GLOBAL WARMING. We can't stop this and we also can't prevent natural disasters from happening. I'm trying to help so I always recycle, reduce and reuse. Last year, when I was buying my new bed, I gave my old one to some child who needed it. Together we can do more. We practically can't even live without cars anymore… I mean, who walks to school or work at this time? Nobody. We shouldn't drive with cars so often. We should prefer taking a bus, walking or even better, cycling. This would be so much better for our planet. There would be less global warming, so there would be more ice caps and more animals who would be alive. Just think about it. We just need to do it together, because together we can SAVE THE PLANET. If we won't do it now, someday we'll regret this decision, but then it will be too late, because our planet will be destroyed. Our Earth is in our arms. I'm sure that the world is going to end someday. We can't stop the end, but we can prevent that this will happen too early.
Tajda Gaal, 9.A